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Experience the Action Medical Center difference from the first day


Your initial consultation is always at no charge.
Once we understand your pain and your history, we are then able to diagnose the cause and develop a treatment plan for your unique situation.
We will review any charges before moving forward.

Your examination:
Many patients tell us that they have never had such a complete history and physical examination.
But YOUR history and a comprehensive exam are what tell us what we need to do JUST FOR YOU.
Our team will perform examinations and any diagnostic tests. Like x-ray, ultrasound or, computerized range of motion testing and coordinate referral for any other test you may need.
The care team will meet before your return and review your case and all diagnostic measures. Based on these, they will construct a care plan for you.

We will then:
Show you your x-rays and review your test findings
Discuss your comprehensive plan
Review your insurance coverage and any costs for which you may be responsible.
With a full understanding of your care plan, we will begin the treatment to get you back to your life without pain.

****If we do not believe we are the right place for you to get the help you need, we will help you find that place.
We work with and refer to specialists in orthopedics, pain management, neurology, cognitive behavioral therapy, rheumatology and more.

Some helpful things you can do to make your first visit a success-
Bring your picture ID and all insurance cards.
Wear comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement.
Bring a complete list of your medications and other medical providers you see.
Please feel free to ask us questions- We want you to fully understand your care!



    Get The Care You Need Today


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