Physical Therapy

At Action Medical Center We Strive to Provide You the Care You Need in a Friendly and Compassionate Environment.


Discover the Difference Individualized Care Can Make in Your Recovery


Effective, low-cost, low-risk and non-invasive.

Get Moving Again


Research proves that repetitive motions and our modern lifestyle

causes muscle imbalance.


Physical therapy helps reduce that imbalance.


It is recommended by the CDC as a

preferred alternative to use of medication to reduce pain.


Even strong muscles can become injured or over-stressed, which can make them become painful or tight.

If your ability to move and function has been compromised, physical therapy may be what you need to return optimal function.

If surgery was your only option, it can help rebuild recovering areas.

Your physical therapist performs an evaluation and designs a muscle strengthening and re-balancing program just for you.

Physical therapy addresses the underlying causes of conditions (poor posture, for example) and manages the condition through simple exercises and changes in lifestyle.

Your physical therapist will work with the rest of the team at Action Medical.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care while we help you restore strength, balance and range of motion.

Your team will work to find the source of your pain and correct the underlying issue.



Stop Living in Pain

Action Medical Center’s physical therapy program provides the personal care you need to heal quickly and correctly.

Physical Therapy Team Action Medical Center


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