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Neck Pain


There are obvious causes…


And not-so-obvious causes.

Most people can’t identify a specific injury that caused their pain.

Just like it was not the last mile that you drove that caused your car to need repair, the accumulation of stresses from many sources can result in chronic, sometimes debilitating, pain.

Acute (short term) and chronic (long term) mechanical neck pain can be effectively treated once the cause or causes are identified and the appropriate measures are implemented.

Team Treatment of Neck Pain

The most successful treatments involve the identification and correction of the underlying causes of the condition.

That’s why our team approach has such a high success rate-

  • We Identify the Cause of Your Pain
  • Prescribe Effective Treatment
  • Teach Proper Habits and Techniques
  • Use Other Therapies When Needed

Identifying the Cause

The first step in treating neck pain is to determine what has and is causing the neck pain.

Our team will use a number of diagnostic methods and tools to discover the cause of your neck pain. We use the least invasive but most effective methods available.

Once the specific causes and contributing factors are identified, a successful treatment plan can be structured to reduce pain and achieve the goals of the patient.

The Treatment

Your treatment will correct the cause of the problem rather than simply mask it with medications.

Based on the cause of your problem the treatment might include chiropractic adjustments, exercises overseen by our physical therapists, cryotherapy and other methods which have been proven helpful in similar cases.




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