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Medical & Urgent Care

Medical Services

Did you know that the average time a doctor spends with you is 5 minutes? And the most common treatment: A Pill.

We start with your history and examination. Coordinate Xray, records,  MRI, lab or medication needs.

Back pain can be a symptom of other issues, so FIRST we make sure you are in the right place.

We also  stay in communication with your family doctor or specialists, so all your doctors are on the same page.

Urgent is available for you and your family  Walk-ins welcome, too.


Urgent Care 

Saving you time! Keeping you safe!

Avoid doctors offices during Covid :

Medication refills, routine lab, strep and covid tests.

B12- Injections

Medical Weight loss                           

Trigger Point Injections


Back and Knee Braces                     

Gel shot knee injections


Stem Cell Injection

Back pain                                     

Neck pain

Joint pain

Not on the list? Just Ask!