Our Team Works For You

Dedicated Care

Your Pain Relief Team

Our Team Works For You

Dedicated Care

Your Pain Relief Team

Pain Relief at Action Medical Center


You Deserve a Great Life

Don’t Let Pain Keep You From It


We have a high success rate in bringing pain relief to patients.

Don’t let joint, back or neck pain stop you from doing the things you love.

Let us show you how you can regain your life and function.

Your Pain Relief Team

Action Medical Center is challenging the status quo.


No more running to different offices and different doctors each examining parts of you and advising you to just take another pill.


Medical, physical therapy and chiropractic all working together, with you, for the relief you need.


Drs. Webb and Jablonski will put their entire team to work for you.


They will find the source of your pain and correct it instead of simply prescribing pills for your backache, migraines or other pain you may be experiencing.


The team will treat you as a whole instead of treating one part of you and ignoring the rest.

Now you have a real alternative.

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