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Feet First: Custom Fit Arch Support Foot, Knee & Spine

Changes in your feet can cause back pain…and back pain can cause changes in your feet.

Falling arches or a history of diabetes play a role in pain in other areas of the body.

Diabetes. A highly significant association has been demonstrated between foot callus and the development of ulcers in diabetics. Callus to ulceration and infection can rapidly progress to amputation in diabetics, patients with diabetes (or with “pre-diabetes” – obesity) should be carefully evaluated for the presence of foot keratomas, in order to develop an early treatment response and help prevent pressure ulceration.

The identification of plantar calluses in diabetics is especially critical

Action Medical Center is the only facility in the Augusta area that can help with your health care benefits for diabetic shoes, especially if your are of Medicare age.

More information to come.

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