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Braces & Tens

If you suffer from a painful condition and have been looking for an effective non-surgical solution, braces or tens may be the answer you’ve been looking for. There’s no question that living with back pain or knee pain can be debilitating and cause many challenges in your life, but surgery isn’t always the only option.

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Back and Knee Braces

Back braces and knee braces are therapeutic devices that are used to help relieve pain and ease tension on affected muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Modern knee braces and back braces are typically lightweight and not as cumbersome as in the past, providing protection without being a nuisance and affecting your lifestyle.

Back and Knee Braces Evans GABack braces are often used after an injury to help reduce your range of motion during the healing process. When potentially painful movements like twisting or bending your spine are restricted, it makes life more enjoyable for you and can help to accelerate your healing. Back braces can also help reduce spinal pressure, making it easier to get up and down, sit, and get around in general.

A knee brace can help reduce pain in an injured knee by shifting the weight away from the most damaged area of the knee. It’s common for people with conditions like osteoarthritis in the knee to wear a knee brace so they can get around better with improved mobility and less pain. You may also be advised to wear a knee brace if you’ve had knee surgery and you’re in the recovery process.


Tens stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This type of therapy uses a low voltage electrical current to aid in pain relief. Electrodes are placed on the surface of your skin on the damaged area near the affected nerves, and electrical impulses are delivered to help reduce your pain.

One theory on tens therapy is that stimulating the nerves raises the level of endorphins to block the perception of pain, and another is that the electric current blocks the transmission of pain signals which modifies your perception of pain. Either way, it has been shown to be effective at providing relief for a range of painful conditions.

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