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Benefits of Physical Therapy After an Injury

If you have ever suffered a minor injury to your back, neck, or even elbow, your primary care providers first recommendation most likely was physical therapy. Physical therapy is considered a conservative approach to managing problems at the first sign of an injury.

Your physical therapist will design a treatment plan specific to your challenges, needs, and goals. This is to help each individual return to their prior level of functioning and encourage activities and life style changes to avoid further injury and improve one’s overall health and wellbeing.

Physical Therapy Treatment

When you go to a physical therapist, the first thing they will do is conduct a physical evaluation of your movement, flexibility, muscle and joint motion, and may collect information about your health history.

Once they have found a clinical diagnosis, the plan of care is put in place along with short-term and long-term goals. Your physical therapist will set you up for success by providing self- management recommendations that include exercises you can do at home.

Here are some of the different benefits of physical therapy after an injury:

Avoid Surgery:

No matter the severity of your injury the last thing anyone wants is to have to go through an extensive surgery and healing process. If physical therapy can reduce/eliminate your pain or help heal your injury surgery may not be needed as you build strength and get into better shape. Also, in most cases by avoiding surgery health care costs are reduced.

Reduce pain:

manual therapy and therapeutic exercises like soft tissue and joint mobilization can help relieve pain and restore joint and muscle function to reduce pain. These therapies can also prevent the pain from returning later.

Improved mobility and balance:

Stretching and strengthening exercises help restore your ability to move without restriction. If you are having trouble standing, walking, or moving, the care plan in place is used to meet whatever activity is important to an individual’s life. These motions can be practiced and adapted to ensure maximum performance and safety.
When one is experiencing a balance problem, a physical therapist can perform specific maneuvers that can help restore proper vestibular function and reduce/eliminate symptoms of dizziness or vertigo.

Recover from a sports injury:

Different sports can increase your risk for specific types of injuries. Your physical therapist can design an appropriate prevention or recovery plan to ensure safe return to your sport.

Recover from a stroke:

After a stroke it is common to lose some degree of function and movement. Physical therapy is used to strengthen weakened parts of the body and improve balance and gait. Physical therapy can improve the patients’ ability to move around and transfer, allowing them to be more independent in caring for toileting, bathing, dressing and other activities in their daily lives.

Additional benefits:

  • Recovering from a traumatic event
  • Lower your risk of further injury
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Help manage disorders and diabetes
  • Aid in weight management
  • Improve overall quality of life
  • And more

At our clinic we help people of all ages with medical conditions, injuries, and illnesses that limit their regular ability to function get back to living a normal life.
If you need physical therapy in Augusta, Evans, Martinez or any nearby area, call us today to book a free consultation.

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