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Back Braces: Support The Low Back While Working

Back braces can be very helpful. In normal, pain-free spines, muscles hold the spine in place. But when the spine is injured or unstable, muscles tighten to protect the spine (its called muscle splinting). When those muscles have to stay tight for long, they ache and fatigue. If they are tight long enough they can even cramp or burn. Exercises retrain the muscles to support the spine

But Braces can be very helpful and are covered by insurance including Medicare.
When there is too much damage or arthritis the spine needs help. Braces “buy” a set of muscles while we “build” a set of muscles to hold and protect the spine.

Drugstore-type elastic braces compress the belly (and bladder) and with poor support for the spine

Custom fit back supports are easy to use. Protecting your spine when you do all the things you know you shouldn’t.

” I can’t believe how well this brace fits and how much it helps me during the day. Other doctors told me I could never do housework or yard work safely ….. I have my life back.” -M Jones

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