Turkey Pan Sauce



Turkey drippings and delicious bits in bottom of roaster

2 Cups chicken stock

Juice of one orange or lemon (It brightens the taste.)

1 envelope HealthWise chicken bouillon

Salt and Pepper



Roast your turkey as you usually would. When done, remove the turkey from roaster. Separate the oil from the drippings with a gravy separator or by spooning as much oil from top as possible. Add chicken stock to pan. Scrape the good bits from the bottom of pan and pour mixture into a sauce pan. Add reserved drippings.

Cook over medium heat until reduced by half.

Add chicken bouillon and a squeeze of juice to pan, stir until well combined.

Salt and pepper to taste. You may add additional seasoning such as sage or thyme in keeping with your own tastes and traditions.

Serve hot.


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