Temperatures and the humidity drop this time of year and after a summer avoiding the heat, many of you will decide it is time for some outdoor activity. You may have those neglected chores in the yard, repairs to the house you have been putting off or you may just decide it is time to get in more exercise. Whatever your reason, there are some things you should be aware of and tricks you can do to keep yourself healthy.

Make sure you don’t rush into yard work or your exercise without first stretching and warming your muscles. A few minutes of light stretching can keep you from weeks of recovery. When you are doing the yard work or other tasks make sure you lift properly and don’t overdo it. Use tools that will put less stress on your body. Using a wheelbarrow to haul heavy items is one way you can do the things you need to while protecting yourself. Remember, it is also important to take breaks and drink plenty of water. Just because the weather is cooler, it doesn’t mean you can’t become dehydrated and overheated. Alternating the position in which you stand or the task you are doing will help you to avoid stress and strain from repetitive motion. This will help engage more parts of your body in the activities which will result in better overall fitness and lower the likelihood of you having a sore shoulder or knee.

One of the main concerns many have with outdoor activities is seasonal allergies. Fall is not only ragweed season, but the new cover of leaves can lead to an increase in mold and other common allergens. Most everyone has experienced the sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes but what many don’t know is that there are many other symptoms that can be caused by exposure to allergens. Rashes, hives and eczema can all be an allergic reaction. These and other symptoms are simply your immune system reacting to something in your environment. Did you know that nausea or anxiety can also be symptoms of allergies?

For most people, allergies are mildly irritating at most, but if you are someone who suffers some of the more severe symptoms, allergies can be debilitating and even life threatening! A bee sting, for example, might cause no reaction in some people but can send those who are severely allergic into anaphylactic shock. If you know you have severe allergies, you should be prepared when participating in outdoor activities. Ask your doctor what medicines you should carry as a precaution. He may advise you to carry an over the counter medicine such as a chewable form of Chlor-Trimeton or an injectable epinephrine.

Fortunately, there are tests that can be done to discover what things in your environment or in your diet are triggering your allergies. If, like many, you don’t like needles there is an alternative to the test where they expose your skin to many common allergens and wait for a reaction. With AllergyPro® you can find out what your allergic triggers are with a simple blood test that is processed in a lab and not on your upper arm or back. Action Medical Center now offers this testing. Within a week of submitting your sample we will have a full assessment of the causes of your allergy symptoms. Many find they are not allergic to the things they thought were their triggers while others discover the true cause of what has been, in some cases, years of misery.

Once our practitioners have identified your triggers, they are able to discuss your treatment options. These options might include over the counter medicine for occasional symptoms, stronger prescription drugs or allergy shots. These shots help your body get used to the allergens which lessens your symptoms or makes them go away all together. Another alternative is allergy drops. This immunotherapy works like the shots to help your body become used to the allergen over time. Unlike the shots, drops can be administered safely and easily in your home or even when you are out and about enjoying the cooler autumn weather.

If allergies are bothering you or if you overdid it and your pain isn’t going away as fast as you would like, don’t hesitate to call Action Medical Center where our providers will work together to find the source of your distress and correct it. We are here when you need us and we want you to enjoy this season and our cooler fall weather in the best possible health.




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