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Is it a headache or a migraine? When you are suffering you really don’t care, you just want it to stop. The problem with most headache treatments is they only mask the symptom but don’t actually affect change at the root cause of the problem. To correctly treat recurrent headaches, you have to first find the cause or trigger and work to eliminate it. This sounds easy, but anyone that has ever done it will tell you, it is anything but. That is why most doctors simply continue to write prescriptions for progressively stronger medicines that might relieve the pain but often take the very joy out of life. It is much easier to treat the symptom than it is to diagnose the cause.

The difficulty in diagnosing the cause of your headaches and migraines lies in the shear variation of possible causes. Foods, environmental stimuli such as noises, lights and stress are common causes but headaches can also be caused by the things you do such as excessive exercise or too much time hunched over your computer or cell phone. Even something as simple as always holding your phone to your left ear can trigger a headache! Old injuries can also cause a weakness in your back or neck that strains your muscles and pulls on your myofascial tissue triggering painful migraines. Problems like insomnia, poor diet or dehydration can cause or worsen the problem. About 5% of headaches are the warning sign of a larger physical problem. The other 95% of the time, the headache, whether it is tension, migraine or cluster, is the primary problem.

With so many causes it can be difficult to properly diagnose the root problem causing your headaches. It is important to find someone that is going to take the time to learn about you and your possible triggers. What is your work environment like? Do you tend to have headaches after eating a particular food or only after extremely restless nights? It is also important to find someone who has the experience to use this information to discover the cause of your headaches and work with you to reduce or eliminate the cause and thereby reduce or eliminate your painful episodes.

The doctors at Action Medical Center have that experience! For over thirty years they have been providing proven treatment for headaches and migraines. Using a team approach that incorporates multiple disciplines they are able to correct many of the causes of migraines and headaches. The medical staff will oversee the diagnosis and treatment and has tools such as trigger point therapy at their disposal to provide you relief. The chiropractic staff can gently return your neck and back to its natural position to increase function and alleviate pinched nerves and tight muscles. Physical Therapy will work with you to retrain and strengthen muscles while changing the habits that trigger your headaches or migraines. You will see this team approach in action from your very first appointment as our medical and chiropractic teams work together to assess your condition and fully understand your medical history. They will then meet with our physical therapist and formulate a complete plan of care to relieve your pain.

You don’t have to continue to suffer from headaches and migraines. Call and schedule your consultation today. Put the team at Action Medical Center to work for you!

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